Meaning of burn rate in English:

burn rate


  • The rate at which a new company spends its initial capital.

    ‘the corporation lays off workers to cut burn rate’
    • ‘‘We've cut our burn rate to compensate,’ he said.’
    • ‘We are encouraging our companies to cut their burn rate and show a faster path to profitability.’
    • ‘We've considered mergers to the extent that they reduce our burn rate, diminish our overhead, and create further synergies for our business model.’
    • ‘The burn rate is the amount of cash they spend funding their operation.’
    • ‘If you want to know if a company is really in trouble, compare its burn rate with the working capital measured over the same time period.’
    • ‘It also had an enormous marketing staff and a burn rate of $550,000 a month.’
    • ‘Lowering operating expenses will certainly reduce the burn rate and buy some time.’
    • ‘Unsettling in the best of cases, succession can get downright ugly when a crisis - missed quarterly projections, a flagging stock price, an unsustainable burn rate - prompts the change.’
    • ‘Pegasus Research International's research further indicated that 51 Internet companies will use up their cash within the next 12 months, assuming the current burn rate.’
    • ‘Even last year, company executives could see the need to cut back an operation that had 1,700 employees and a cash burn rate of $700 million a year.’
    • ‘The cash burn rate dropped from a whopping $200 million a month in mid-2000 to around $15 million a month today.’
    • ‘The projections should clearly identify the funding requirement, your cash burn rate, profitability details and the return to the equity investor or other finance provider.’
    • ‘The burn rate on ideas can be high; Rapp estimates that for every 10 or 12 ideas his team puts to the test, only 1 or 2 survive.’
    • ‘Rane says one of his priorities is managing the burn rate.’
    • ‘Indeed, the burn rate is the heartbeat of these young companies.’
    • ‘Looking at it from a financial standpoint alone, our burn rate is substantially lower than it would be if we were on either coast.’
    • ‘Back in January 2000, our first order of business was to get enough funding to ensure a low burn rate.’
    • ‘In politics, it is known as the burn rate - the speed at which a campaign spends the money it has raised.’
    • ‘Our burn rate is as predicted, and in the USA we are opening an office a week.’
    • ‘‘Their burn rate is leading them to a point of running out of cash within the next 12-18 months,’ he says.’