Meaning of burning bush in English:

burning bush


  • 1Any of a number of shrubs noted for their bright red autumn foliage, in particular the kochia or the smoke tree.

    ‘But the burning bush sells doubly well in Scotland.’
    • ‘Barberry, knotweed, ailanthus, and the brilliant Euonymus known as burning bush are just some of the horticultural immigrants that continue to out-compete many of our indigenous species.’
  • 2Any of a number of shrubs or trees with bright red leaves or fruits.

    Several plants, in particular North American spindles of the genus Euonymus (family Celastraceae), e.g. the wahoo (E. atropurpurea)

  • 3

    another term for gas plant

    ‘It is known variously as Burning-bush, False Dittany, White Dittany, and Gas-plant.’
    • ‘Gas plant, also known as burning bush, is a perennial flower.’
    • ‘The flowers (white or pink) and the leaves give off a strong aromatic vapour which can be ignited, hence the names gas plant and burning bush.’


Mid 19th century with biblical allusion to Exod. 3:2.