Meaning of Bada Din in English:

Bada Din

(also Burra Din)


  • Christmas.

    • ‘1880. - ‘This being the Burra Din, or great day, the fact of an animal being shot was interpreted by the men as a favourable augury. ‘- Ball, Jungle Life, 279.’’
    • ‘It isn't a surprise that old timers still call Christmas burra din in India.’
    • ‘The burra din, or festivals, are often celebrated by a religious service, by feasting and, ashore, by the purchase of raiment and the donating of gifts.’
    Christmas, Christmastime, Christmastide, festive season


From Hindi baṛā ‘great’ and din ‘day’.


Bada Din

/ˌbadə ˈdɪn/