Meaning of bursitis in English:


Pronunciation /bəːˈsʌɪtɪs/


mass nounMedicine
  • Inflammation of a bursa, typically one in a shoulder joint.

    ‘There is an association of retrocalcaneal bursitis with rheumatoid arthritis seen in up to 10% of patients with this disease.’
    • ‘Inflammation of a bursa is called bursitis, which most often occurs in shoulders, knees, elbows and hips.’
    • ‘In patients with retrocalcaneal bursitis, the retrocalcaneal bursa should be completely excised.’
    • ‘Whether you're at work or at play, if you overuse or repetitively stress the area around your body's joints, you may eventually develop a painful inflammation called bursitis.’
    • ‘The knee isn't affected as severely by bursitis as by arthritis.’
    • ‘Although bursitis and tendinitis often improve with home treatment, a ruptured Achilles tendon usually requires surgical repair.’
    • ‘In tendonitis or bursitis, joint movements against resistance elicit pain.’
    • ‘Periarticular disorders, such as anserine, infrapatellar or prepatellar bursitis, should be ruled out.’
    • ‘Finally, calcaneal bursitis should be associated with a swelling over the calcaneous.’
    • ‘This is the second most common type of mechanically induced heel pain, caused by inflammation of the Achilles tendon and bursitis.’
    • ‘If the symptoms of olecranon bursitis are recurrent, corticosteroid injection may be performed.’
    • ‘Don't do this exercise if you have active tendinitis or bursitis in your shoulders.’
    • ‘The shoulder pain was an overuse syndrome that resulted in bursitis, and the headaches were muscle-contraction type.’
    • ‘Pain on the outside of the hip is often due to inflammation called trochanteric bursitis.’
    • ‘Falls onto the lateral hip and overuse injuries (especially common in runners and dancers) are the most common causes of trochanteric bursitis.’
    • ‘Painless swelling of the posterior elbow at the outer tip of the olecranon in a patient complaining of repetitive friction to the elbow indicates olecranon bursitis.’
    • ‘Iliopsoas bursitis is characterized by deep groin pain, sometimes radiating to the anterior hip or thigh, often accompanied by a snapping sensation.’
    • ‘There is often accompanying tendinosis or bursitis.’
    • ‘A typical injury associated with contusion was traumatic olecranon bursitis.’
    • ‘Retrocalcaneal bursitis usually affects middle-aged and elderly patients but can also occur in athletes as a result of overuse.’