Meaning of bursting at the seams in English:

bursting at the seams


(also bulging at the seams)
  • (of a place) full to overflowing.

    • ‘by the end of the day the town's hotels were bursting at the seams’
    • ‘The death of his father and the birth of his son are the framing events for a canvas bursting at the seams with drama and allegory, visual detail and theatrical elaboration.’
    • ‘The chosen venue was a trendy tapas joint, which was bursting at the seams with the usual assortment of black-clad denizens.’
    • ‘And they're bursting at the seams with some of the problems that I talked about earlier - this notion of reallocating storage and the backup problems.’
    • ‘Certainly, the recent recession has had a serious impact here, but the concert calendar is still bursting at the seams.’
    • ‘The film opens with screeching modem noise, and the frame skitters out of space early on, suggesting that the movie is bursting at the seams with electric energy.’
    • ‘Here was a gritty, kinetic world opening before them - a complex verbal jazz of messy humanity, boogying in a justice system bursting at the seams.’
    • ‘The dot-com frenzy was at its peak and the capital markets were so flush with cash that they were practically bursting at the seams.’
    • ‘The movie as a whole feels rushed, bursting at the seams with seemingly unnecessary subplots and tangential characters.’
    • ‘This album's bursting at the seams with electro flava.’
    • ‘He was bursting at the seams with strength and oomph.’
    crowded, filled, packed, teeming, seething, swarming, crawling, crammed, thronged, bursting at the seams, solid, overflowing, choked, jammed, congested