Meaning of bus conductor in English:

bus conductor

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mainly British
  • A person whose job is to collect fares and sell tickets on a bus.

    ‘he began his career as a bus conductor for the Eastern National Omnibus Company’
    • ‘Bus conductors blew whistles, lorries honked horns.’
    • ‘Within weeks of her arrival she landed on her feet, securing a job with West Midlands as a bus conductor.’
    • ‘The agents of social enforcement, such as park keepers, caretakers and bus conductors, have disappeared.’
    • ‘I worked as a bus conductor for five years and I know how to stand straight in a running bus.’
    • ‘Although bus conductors issue tickets to every commuter in the City limits, it is not the case with the conductors in suburban buses.’
    • ‘Jaya, a bus conductor, complains that they are not being paid enough to make ends meet.’
    • ‘"The fog was so bad many bus conductors were walking in front of their buses with flares."’
    • ‘At the entrance, the bus conductor slowly checked the tickets of the passengers.’
    • ‘Some recounted how they had been sold fake tickets by conmen posing as bus conductors.’
    • ‘The bus conductor came by to examine passengers' tickets.’