Meaning of bush-hen in English:



  • An Australasian rail (bird) with plain brown and grey plumage.

    Amaurornis olivaceus, family Rallidae. Alternative name: rufous-tailed moorhen

    ‘The same applies to the bush-hen, whose large nest is associated with the swelling round the taytu plant when tubers are plentiful…’
    • ‘The Bush-hens call throughout the night upon arrival.’
    • ‘The pond in Hidden Valley used by breeding Bush Hens would be clearly identified and protected from disturbance and/or hydrological effects during construction.’
    • ‘The Bush-hen is a small, dark wetland bird with lime-green beak and greenish-yellow legs’
    • ‘This work is representational of the Bush Hen travelling through the country looking for bush seeds which are scattered over the land.’