Meaning of bush ballad in English:

bush ballad


  • An Australian folk song.

    ‘we danced to the strains of ‘Waltzing Matilda’, Australia's most famous bush ballad’
    • ‘Unlike the bush ballads of an earlier generation, however, his verse does not put a genuine vernacular to poetic uses.’
    • ‘He proved utterly mesmerising, especially in that most over-exposed of all bush ballads, 'The Man from Snowy River'.’
    • ‘His ambition is to follow in Slim's footsteps singing and playing traditional Australian bush ballads.’
    • ‘An afternoon of country music and poetry will feature bush ballads, modern country, middle-of-the-road and some great bush poetry.’
    • ‘Country tunes and bush ballads are still ringing through the ears of residents.’
    • ‘She competes in vocal, gospel, bush ballad, country rock and yodeling.’
    • ‘How is the genre faring: pure country, the traditional Australian country music and bush ballads?’
    • ‘Shearers are celebrated in the work of painter Tom Roberts and in bush ballads such as 'Click Go the Shears'.’
    • ‘The Australian Legend was based on an analysis of bush ballads.’
    • ‘Some commentators believed he adapted the words from an existing bush ballad.’