Meaning of bush cricket in English:

bush cricket


  • An insect related to the grasshoppers, with very long antennae and a mainly carnivorous diet. Many kinds live among shrubby vegetation, active and singing mainly at dusk and in the night.

    Formerly called long-horned grasshopper

    Family Tettigoniidae: many genera

    ‘An astonishing variety of other creatures - a lizard, a snail, a tree frog, a moth, a bush cricket, as well as grasshoppers, cicadas, and wasps - are depicted in and around the flora.’
    • ‘Ranft was startled to discover that he had pitched his tent in an ultrasonically noisy spot, where a bush cricket blasted away at high frequencies.’
    • ‘Foulshaw boasts a huge variety of plants and animals, including the cranberry, bog rosemary, heath butterfly and bog bush cricket.’
    • ‘It has more jumping prowess than fleas, out hops the springiest grasshoppers, and clears the high bar more quickly than bush crickets.’
    • ‘Similarly, female bush crickets and seed beetles kept on poor diets mated more often than females on richer diets.’