Meaning of bush doof in English:

bush doof

Pronunciation /ˈbʊʃ duːf/


  • A large outdoor party with dancing to electronic music, held at a remote or rural location.

    ‘I could imagine dancing to this at a bush doof back in the late 90s’
    • ‘They also went to many raves and bush doof parties.’
    • ‘While similar events take place in many countries, the term 'bush doof' has gained particular traction in Australia.’
    • ‘Luckily, dictionary editor Sue Butler was on hand to explain to the mystified masses exactly what a bush doof is.’
    • ‘The police set up roadblocks to prevent revellers attending the so-called "bush doof" on a rural property.’
    • ‘Alien Nation is a Kiwi take on the traditional Australian bush doof, and it's quite the experience.’
    • ‘The boys stumbled across a dance festival, commonly referred to as a 'bush doof'.’
    • ‘This November, long-running bush doof Earthcore will take over Pyalong in Victoria for for its enormous 21st edition.’
    • ‘The most recent bush doof was shut down by the riot squad a week ago.’
    • ‘The DJ plays at raves and "bush doof" festivals for "everyone from the glowstick-pushing adolescents to the older clubbed-out music connoisseurs."’
    • ‘Now we also have 'bush doof', which is a remote location you go to for a dance party.’


1990s from bush + doof.