Meaning of bush house in English:

bush house


  • 1Australian A large wooden garden structure that protects shade-loving plants and also serves as a living space.

    ‘all one side of the garden was taken up by a bush house full of splendid palms’
    • ‘There is a big variety of sections, including vegetable gardens, a fish pond and a bush house.’
    • ‘There are two bush houses, a pergola, and a maple tree.’
    • ‘It grows well in the sunny part of a bush house.’
    • ‘In the case of a bush house, here again Cypripediums and Cymbidiums could be grown.’
    • ‘The required shade may be easily provided by the erection of a bush-house.’
    1. 1.1A house in a rural area, built in a rustic style.
      ‘she moved from the spacious bush house to a small bedsit in Canberra’
      • ‘New models of domestic life evolve in adaptation to the architectural features of the Australian bush house.’
      • ‘I've been coming to this bush house for 20 years, on and off, and I've never seen the dam this full.’
      • ‘They were quickly taken out of the village to a bush house to stop other people getting the disease.’
      • ‘He describes the 'eerie experience' of being alone in a bush house on a winter's night.’
      • ‘We could build you a bush house here.’
      • ‘There was always going to be another house, a bush house high on a hill somewhere overlooking the sea.’
      • ‘They slept in a bush house near the Samberigi villages.’