Meaning of bush kangaroo in English:

bush kangaroo


  • A medium-sized kangaroo.

    ‘the boys had found a bush kangaroo’
    • ‘The hallucinatory bush kangaroo and wagged his/her furry finger in my face.’
    • ‘His nickname was a reference to the Australian TV series about a bush kangaroo.’
    • ‘He was just a little bush kangaroo.’
    • ‘We all remember Skippy, that lovable bush kangaroo.’
    • ‘Let us remember that canny bush kangaroo from the TV series.’
    • ‘A visit to the station yielded parrots, bush kangaroos (one trying to peer over the fence, the other looking thoughtful), and emus (got a close-up shot).’
    • ‘He was my absolutely favorite bush kangaroo.’