Meaning of bush week in English:

bush week


Australian, New Zealand
  • 1A fictitious period during which people from the countryside supposedly come to the cities, where they are easy targets for fraud or deception.

    ‘the world's biggest country town, where it's always bush week’
    • ‘It will be a long way from bush week when the boys from the even bigger smoke turn up to play tomorrow.’
    • ‘It was there I was known as "Bargo boy" or the "boy from Bargo"; teachers would often tell me "It's not bush week, Michael!"’
    • ‘Look, it isn't bush week; any mug would realize.’
  • 2(at some universities) a period, typically at the end of term, during which students celebrate, play pranks, etc.

    ‘guards have been alerted to stop students trying to "scavenge" for items during the annual bush week’
    • ‘she was the favourite target of university bush week gags’
    • ‘If large parts of Melbourne look like a school production of Guys and Dolls gone hilariously amiss in the costuming and styling departments, only drunker, that must mean that it's bush week.’
    • ‘There were 53 bells hanging in the tower of the Canberra Carillon until yesterday's Bush Week scavenger hunt.’
    • ‘He described this year's version as "pretty tame compared to the infamous Bush Weeks of years gone by".’
    • ‘Based on the activities of the weekend and positive response it is apparent that Bush Week is back with a vengeance.’
    • ‘They were hoping to win the annual Bush Week scavenger hunt.’


    what do you think this is—bush week?
    Australian, New Zealand
    • A response to a request, implying that one is being unfairly imposed on or taken for a fool.

      ‘I get smart alecks trying to put one over on me every minute of the day; what do you think this is—bush week?’
      • ‘She turned to me and in her most piercing and irritable voice said, "What do you think this is, Bush Week?"’
      • ‘They would raise their eyebrows and probably say, "What do you think this is? — Bush Week?"’
      • ‘You had better study and be sure that you have everything right the next time; what do you think this is, bush week?’
      • ‘"Can we please stop for a snack?" he begged. "What do you think it is, Bush Week?" barked his dad.’
      • ‘They cannot continue to accept government money freely without any impositions. What do they think it is—bush week?’