Meaning of bushido in English:



mass noun
  • The code of honour and morals developed by the Japanese samurai.

    ‘Hara kiri developed as an integral part of the code of bushido and the discipline of the samurai warrior class.’
    • ‘It's set in 1865, the year regarded as the last hurrah for bushido, the samurai code (Japan was on the verge of leaving its self-imposed isolation).’
    • ‘The notion that the samurai's bushido represents a moral or social principle to live by is more than dubious.’
    • ‘As well as fighting, he immersed himself in the samurai's code of bushido, also known as the way of the warrior.’
    • ‘The military version of bushido was seen as a distortion of samurai ethics by some of the upper class who resented the commoner military.’



/ˈbuːʃɪdəʊ/ /bʊˈʃiːdəʊ/


Japanese, from bushi ‘samurai’ + dō ‘way’.