Meaning of bushmeat in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbʊʃmiːt/


mass noun
  • The meat of African wild animals as food.

    ‘commercial hunting for bushmeat is on the increase’
    • ‘The issue was the trade in wild game, or, as Africans call it, bushmeat.’
    • ‘According to a probe into the dealers, as much as 10 tonnes of African bushmeat may be arriving in London each day.’
    • ‘But commercial hunting for bushmeat has become such a problem here that we had to try something new to control it.’
    • ‘You have said that bushmeat [flesh from hunted wild animals] has reached such a crisis that if something is not done to stop it, the great apes will disappear from the wild within our lifetime.’
    • ‘Take bushmeat, the name for wild animals that are shot, snared, trapped or captured for food.’
    • ‘Most illegal imports are beef, pork or chicken, but the trade also includes meat from endangered species, known as bushmeat.’
    • ‘The paper provides definitive proof for the assumption that Ebola moves from wildlife populations to humans through the consumption or handling of carcasses or bushmeat.’
    • ‘It's now pretty clear that it originated from bushmeat hunting in Africa.’
    • ‘Thousands more gorillas, chimpanzees and bonobos (pigmy chimpanzees) have been killed for bushmeat.’
    • ‘Though, personally, I prefer the story of the Dalston traders who did a roaring trade in bushmeat.’
    • ‘Poaching for bushmeat during the conflict by locals and armed militias had a serious impact on the bonobos.’
    • ‘Bushmeat is not a new concept in Africa, but the recent dramatic commercialization of bushmeat in central and western Africa has fueled the primate crisis.’
    • ‘Monkey bushmeat is commonly consumed in tropical Africa.’
    • ‘‘Bushmeat hunting has become so commercialized that we're now finding stores and restaurants in Europe and the United States where bushmeat is available,’ Eves says.’
    • ‘The trade also poses serious dangers to humans: hunting, butchering and eating bushmeat can expose people to virulent animal-borne diseases like AIDS and Ebola.’
    • ‘Talking about bushmeat as a loss of cultural heritage resonates there.’
    • ‘And bushmeat is finding its way into European and American markets.’
    • ‘In many areas, they are hunted illegally for ivory and bushmeat.’
    • ‘Many scientists believe it is spread through the butchering and handling of primate bushmeat.’
    • ‘But with the influx of vast numbers of loggers, the eating of bushmeat has escalated.’