Meaning of bushwalking in English:




mass nounmainly Australian, mainly New Zealand
  • Hiking or backpacking.

    ‘Norma has been bushwalking for almost 15 years but she says the experience has made her rethink her safety - she'll now carry food and equipment even on the simplest of day walks.’
    • ‘While summer is the perfect time to be outdoors - whether it's bushwalking at a national park or pottering around the garden - it's also the most likely time to run into a snake.’
    • ‘Pioneers of bushwalking and advocates of national parks were the harbingers of an engagement with nature that at last offered respect for and restitution of the environment.’
    • ‘Other activities include bushwalking, garden visits, weekend camping trips and guided walks.’
    • ‘I would also like to concentrate on some writing, speaking engagements and bushwalking.’