Meaning of business case in English:

business case


  • A justification for a proposed project or undertaking on the basis of its expected commercial benefit.

    ‘we have to put a business case forward to the managers as to why the training is necessary’
    • ‘Making a very strong business case is very important.’
    • ‘By building a business case for diversity, initiatives are less vulnerable to cuts or elimination - especially during challenging economic times.’
    • ‘The supplier worked closely with the company to help it make the business case for its technology.’
    • ‘We are helping clients to develop business cases for IT projects.’
    • ‘The focus of web developers has moved from designing a flashy site for their clients, to proving a business case for expanding online activity.’
    • ‘Most people take what they're given, but smart cookies take time to put together a business case for a better rise.’
    • ‘I've told Ministers that they should not expect me to make the political case although I will keep making the business case.’
    • ‘This seminar will be invaluable when preparing a business case for changing the current operations and undertaking future investment and financial decisions.’
    • ‘Spending decisions are being made higher up the food chain, which has made sales difficult for companies that cannot make compelling business cases in support of their sales pitches.’
    • ‘No convincing business case has been made for a private terminal at Dublin Airport.’
    • ‘We have done feasibility studies after which we told a client there was no business case to employ us further.’
    • ‘The competition is fierce, and without a proven business case and strong focus, you can't succeed.’
    • ‘If an ironclad business case can be made for why those ideals should trump all else, no one has made it yet.’
    • ‘The business case for competition being better for consumers has been made repeatedly, not just in Ireland but around the world.’
    • ‘Before a company really engages with a partner or vendor, it will have gone down a long road putting together a business case.’