Meaning of business casual in English:

business casual


mainly North American
  • Relating to or denoting a style of clothing that is less formal than traditional business wear, but is still intended to give a professional and businesslike impression.

    • ‘I don't wear a dark suit to work, thanks to the business casual trend’


mass nounmainly North American
  • Business casual clothing.

    ‘business casual has become the standard in many work environments’
    • ‘There's just something I can't relate to in the whole concept of business casual.’
    • ‘The league wants its players to dress for public functions in a style called "business casual."’
    • ‘They said for any of the performances business casual is expected.’
    • ‘He thinks the concept of business casual is on the wane.’
    • ‘Whether your office has just implemented business casual or you're invited to a black-tie gig, check out what you should be wearing.’
    • ‘They dress in business casual mostly, evincing no untoward whooping or mania or anger.’
    • ‘Our offices are right in the centre and all business casual.’
    • ‘Service was professional but not overly formal, and dress was business casual.’
    • ‘I too regard khakis as boring business casual.’
    • ‘A small, mousy man dressed in business-casual came onto the bus.’
    • ‘We're just as confused about business casual as you are.’
    • ‘Wait until someone eventually tells you that you can dress business casual and drop the suits.’
    • ‘Most career service experts caution students to avoid casual or business casual attire, even though business casual has become the standard in many work environments.’
    • ‘Asking a superior is always a good idea, since others may not necessarily know what business casual is and may still be wearing suits everyday.’
    • ‘Granted, there once was a time when business casual was the way to go in every office from accounting firms to chic tech companies.’
    • ‘With the rising popularity of business casual cropping up in the professional market, the classy gentleman would be more inclined to dress in business casual rather than his conservative counterpart.’
    • ‘It's perfect for most occasions but don't confuse it with business casual, which is a notch above on the style chain.’
    • ‘Business casual is here to stay.’
    • ‘As an executive in the company, however, Armstrong likes to bump up the take on business casual a few notches.’
    • ‘Everyone else was in east coast business casual - sports coats and khaki pants.’