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business unit

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    another term for strategic business unit

    ‘he is responsible for a business unit with a £4 million turnover and 20 reports’
    • ‘At the time, he managed 20 engineers focused on one business unit.’
    • ‘But the CEO said performance was ahead of budget for every major business unit of the Minnesota cooperative.’
    • ‘It took a major step toward that goal earlier this year, completing an overhaul that consolidated all of its sportswear brands under a single business unit.’
    • ‘Could concentrations of power and information within a business unit enable people to conceal or manipulate financial data?’
    • ‘Even if one business unit cares about it, other business units may not, and you can't combine the results.’
    • ‘The first requires each business unit to submit a package of real-asset proposals in a common format.’
    • ‘Working his way through several successful projects and positions, he now heads a 650-person business unit that also services the Department of Justice and the intelligence community.’
    • ‘Today, he oversees a $1.5 billion business unit that includes 1,700 employees and 40 locations worldwide.’
    • ‘Both also recognize that a model of the effective business unit must say something about improvements in the use of both labour and technology.’
    • ‘That this relatively new business unit continues to make such impressive progress confirms the wisdom of our ongoing diversification strategy focused around selected market segments with clearly identified growth potential.’
    • ‘In an economy of mergers and acquisitions, it's not unusual for a company to find itself owning a business unit that holds little or no promise for growth.’
    • ‘Norris urged every business unit to rethink the way they operated, to look for savings, efficiencies, and to develop ideas for new product lines.’
    • ‘The new business unit, which is expected to account for $3 billion in annual sales, will focus on apparel, home textiles and related businesses.’
    • ‘CRN was told each vendor would have a dedicated consultant, with the big manufacturers having one consultant per business unit.’
    • ‘This will be combined into one business unit, with a reorganisation of its direct and indirect sales forces.’
    • ‘His task was to head the business unit and develop and maintain its relationship with the telco's 21 million customers in the consumer, public and private sectors.’
    • ‘So it makes sense to rationalise this side of its marketing operation into a dedicated business unit.’
    • ‘The restructuring in that business unit will impact 113 Ireland-based workers, the company said.’
    • ‘It may use new offices to create a business unit that incorporates the Pershing acquisition.’
    • ‘"The way that we're set up as a separate business unit with our own board - and the fact that we're quite visible within the group - has given us a focus that is perhaps lacking in other organisations."’
  • 2A building (typically one of a number of similar buildings) or a self-contained section of a building intended for use as business premises.

    ‘approximately 214,000 residential units and 30,000 business units sustained structural damage in the earthquake’
    • ‘She has to pay rent on a small business unit, and has two members of staff to pay each month.’
    • ‘On 6th August he flew again to Barcelona to find a business unit; he signed a document for the rental of a unit in Mataro.’
    • ‘The city's fire fighters received the alert for the third fire at a business unit at the Westgate Business Park at 6.45 p.m.’
    • ‘Now the firm, which started out life in a small business unit in Rosse Street, Bradford, has moved to new premises and its directors are finding themselves at more awards ceremonies than many leading Hollywood directors.’
    • ‘Each business unit will also be given a complete makeover which architects hope will create a more modern feel to the market.’
    • ‘Space for a business unit will also be made, which Mr Shaw hoped would be occupied by a local firm.’
    • ‘A senior council officer is at the centre of fresh controversy after it emerged she bought a new business unit from a property development company which has had a lucrative commercial relationship with her own local authority.’
    • ‘He made a guilty plea after listening to evidence of covert telephone taps at his house and in his business unit at Breighton.’
    • ‘I suspect what we have got a gap in is that we are not gathering all the pieces of intelligence that we have about a particular business unit, or a particular borough, in one place.’
    • ‘The exterior is much like any of those rather anonymous business units, but once we passed through the door we were in an eastern European folk tale.’
    • ‘The property has been broken up into a number of individual business units to which full access will not be available for the purposes of measuring.’
    • ‘Of course, advertisement hoardings, with their catchy phrases and slogans, have always been the yardstick for measuring the consumer orientation of the business units.’
    • ‘It has pledged a £20,000 grant towards the alteration of existing business units to accommodate the new plant.’
    • ‘Industrial business units measuring from 2,500 sq. ft up to 12,000 sq. ft are for sale at Euro Park, Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow.’
    • ‘Mr Martin added that Elan has almost $1 billion in cash left and further money could come in from the sale of several business units.’
    • ‘Although the Red Mill building and six adjoining business units were destroyed in the fire, firefighters managed to save several other businesses.’
    • ‘The top floor of the car park development will contain six apartments while a further eight will be included in Abbey Court, to the rear of existing apartments and business units in Abbey Street.’
    • ‘It is anticipated that up to 250 staff will be employed in the business units once they are all occupied.’
    • ‘He added: "Converting old barns into business units can not only increase the farmer's income, but add value to the local economy, filling the gaps in the small workspace market and possibly providing jobs"’
    • ‘Proposals also include business units, a gallery, museum and riverside walkways.’
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