Meaning of butthurt in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbʌthəːt/


informal US
  • Overly or unjustifiably offended or resentful.

    • ‘they're all butthurt that she released the album online first’
    • ‘that fight the other night was started by a butthurt player from the losing team’
    • ‘A few loud, butthurt bloggers do not constitute the entirety of the iPhone developer base.’
    • ‘He looked all butthurt - like the finest woman in the world had shut him down.’
    • ‘Nobody is going to listen to us if we only get butthurt about religions.’
    • ‘Well, i didn't let myself get mad or butthurt.’
    • ‘Don't pretend that everyone else has your paper-thin skin, and because you are butthurt about it, they should be too.’
    • ‘It just sounded like yet another example of whining and butthurt fanboys and girls who've just become too attached to a particular interpretation of Metroid to allow for other interpretations.’
    • ‘"Chrissy, are you that butthurt over yesterday's loss?"’
    • ‘When I was watching him I knew some people would be butthurt by it even though he didn't really say anything offensive.’
    • ‘If you think that's a strawman argument, fine; I can see you're still nursing a huge butthurt grudge from last week.’


mass noun informal US
  • An excessive or unjustifiable feeling of personal offence or resentment.

    • ‘it's time to get over the butthurt from last year's playoffs’
    • ‘the butthurt just oozes out of this comment’
    • ‘The issues that arose here are many, but they can be broken down into two major categories: actual, legal issues and butthurt.’
    • ‘Let the butthurt continue.’
    • ‘Look at the epic levels of butthurt that happened when projects fell through for whatever reason and people didn't get their game, or their electric waffle launcher, or whatever.’
    • ‘Why all the obvious butthurt?’
    • ‘This guy has stinging butthurt from being out-classed by Tesla before and now this new job gives him an even greater INFERIORITY COMPLEX.’
    • ‘Keep defending his butthurt, it makes you look good.’
    • ‘I found this hilarious, but the Yankees front office developed a case of the butthurt, saying the promotion was in poor taste.’
    • ‘I've read the butthurt from PSU fans & I gotta say..I love it.’
    • ‘I can imagine the butthurt if a team that finishes the regular season top 4 in the polls gets left out of the playoff.’
    • ‘The butthurt in the comments truly is epic, as is the ignorance.’


1990s from butt (sense 3 of the noun) and hurt.