Meaning of buzzworthy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbʌzwəːði/


informal mainly North American
  • Likely to arouse the interest and attention of the public, either by media coverage or word of mouth.

    • ‘four of this year's most buzzworthy young stars’
    • ‘the year was full of buzzworthy red carpet fashion moments’
    • ‘She frequents sleek and buzzworthy bars with her girlfriends.’
    • ‘A week ago one of the most buzzworthy web ventures out there pulled the plug on itself and merged with another site.’
    • ‘Maybe it's lacking a certain scandalous, over-the-top flair that people find intriguing and buzzworthy.’
    • ‘If the show isn't buzzworthy, the e-commercial would have been difficult to propel into the limelight.’
    • ‘The most buzzworthy international destinations were Mexico, Paris, and Spain.’
    • ‘The honeymoon period with the team is bound to end soon, but you couldn't ask for a more buzzworthy start.’
    • ‘The 2013 London Olympic Games are shaping up to be probably the most buzzworthy events of the franchise ever.’
    • ‘To be the next great mystery series, you need to have mass appeal while still remaining buzzworthy.’
    • ‘There is nothing more buzzworthy in Hollywood these days than celeb parents and their star tots who fill the pages of weekly magazines.’
    • ‘As we now know, anything she does on any form of social media is pretty much buzzworthy.’
    • ‘She writes about buzzworthy events from the data perspective or she'll feature artists whose numbers are on the rise.’
    • ‘This is exactly the kind of buzzworthy film that keeps Sundance at the peak of the festival pack.’
    • ‘Fans will have the opportunity to debate the most buzzworthy topics and come face to face with their favorite celebrities.’
    • ‘The most buzzworthy moments of the past eight days had nothing to do with clothes and everything to do with outlandish accessories.’
    • ‘News reports and current headlines become highly buzzworthy topics and thus blogs tend to be highly promoted by search engines.’
    • ‘Lost In Translation gets the Oscar for "most buzzworthy film that's not going to win Best Picture", otherwise known as Best Original Screenplay.’
    interesting, topical, notable, noteworthy, important, significant, momentous, historic, remarkable, sensational


1980s from buzz (sense 2 of the noun) and -worthy.