Meaning of by any chance in English:

by any chance

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  • Possibly (used in tentative inquiries or suggestions)

    ‘were you looking for me by any chance?’
    • ‘Is Michelle still working there, by any chance?’
    • ‘Is this an anti-capitalism statement, by any chance?’
    • ‘Did you take your own legal advice, by any chance?’
    • ‘If, by any chance, you're in a dilemma about what dessert to serve after you've eaten your freedom fries, you may wish to consider a bucket of Star Spangled Ice Cream.’
    • ‘They would not be Left-leaning by any chance, would they?’
    • ‘Are you all feeling a sense of impending doom by any chance?’
    • ‘Does he, by any chance, come from a naval family?’
    • ‘Could you, by any chance, bring a huge umbrella next year?’
    • ‘Do they plan late night music bars by any chance?’
    • ‘They wouldn't have a socialist government, by any chance, would they?’
    please, kindly, be so good as to