Meaning of by extension in English:

by extension

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  • Taking the same line of argument further.

    ‘the study shows how television and, by extension, the media, alter political relationships’
    • ‘But from past experience, I doubt that any serious combat, and by extension deaths, will occur.’
    • ‘That would be the boards of directors, and, by extension, the stockholders.’
    • ‘The drawing itself is often used as an implied symbol of the essential symmetry of the human body, and by extension, to the universe as a whole.’
    • ‘So far the question of asylum seekers and, by extension, racism has been dealt with in a very piecemeal fashion by the Government.’
    • ‘Suddenly the whole future of Woomera - and by extension of the whole remote detention system - is up in the air.’
    • ‘And by extension so are his attorneys when it comes to confidential information.’
    • ‘For if both of these apparently carefree images have a message, it is surely of the fleeting nature of such moments and, by extension, of life itself.’
    • ‘Only those who hold ministerial positions in government are accountable to Parliament and by extension the nation.’
    • ‘Well, primarily, it has been the Department of Education and, by extension, it has been the Government.’