Meaning of by way of in English:

by way of


  • 1So as to pass through or across; via.

    ‘he travelled by way of Canterbury’
    • ‘This was also the period in which Buddhism spread throughout China, arriving by way of India.’
    • ‘The heart then pumps the oxygen-rich blood through the body by way of arteries.’
    • ‘Drive on to reach a viaduct, cross this and turn immediately right by way of a metal gate into Cairnsmore Estate.’
    • ‘They passed from cellar to cellar by way of holes in the walls.’
    • ‘It resembles Arabian couscous, from which it probably originated, traveling to the Spanish colonies by way of the mother land.’
    • ‘He traveled no farther than four miles outside of Nevaharday by way of the trade route.’
    • ‘He returned to the main post in the vestibule by way of three long connecting buildings on Wilkins Road.’
    • ‘We made it there in the end, although admittedly by way of thirty-odd roundabouts, and sat at a long dim table in a corner where four of the lights had blown.’
    • ‘It was August, sunny and hot, and we were on a trip from Iowa to Wyoming by way of the scenic wonders of South Dakota.’
    • ‘He voted in Texas, then made his way back to Washington by way of Columbus, Ohio.’
    • ‘We by-pass a farm with fine barns and cross another idyllic little stream by way of four large stepping-stones.’
  • 2Constituting; as a form of.

    ‘‘I can't help it,’ shouted Tom by way of apology’
    • ‘He claimed he'd only sent some of the items by way of an apology.’
    • ‘She stood her ground. A year later, her boss bought her a £7,000 piano by way of apology.’
    • ‘What would be necessary by way of reparation, apology, atonement for that to be acceptable?’
    • ‘I asked whether it was a nice gesture of my host that he'd managed to collate the past decade's songs by way of a celebration.’
    • ‘Almost three quarters of the way through his reign, he has accomplished virtually nothing by way of political reform.’
    • ‘The team has had plenty of glory days in the past, but of late their efforts have brought little by way of reward.’
    • ‘Now, by way of thanks, he is being awarded the freedom of East Lothian.’
    • ‘Although the reference is to a change resulting from a court or tribunal ruling, that is by way of example.’
    • ‘It may even be that the House may find it necessary to place some arbitrary limit on awards of damages that are made by way of punishment.’
    • ‘Maybe I should post a few of them by way of illustration.’
  • 3By means of.

    ‘non-compliance with the rules is punishable by way of a fine’
    • ‘She gave birth to a healthy baby boy three years ago by way of in vitro fertilization.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, this has been passed on to farmers by way of lower prices paid to farmers.’
    • ‘Several car manufacturers are expected to pass on the excise reliefs to the consumers by way of reduced prices.’
    • ‘They add to the local economy through knowledge transfer by way of training, research and development.’
    • ‘A past district governor of Rotary illustrates this by way of his personal experience on the streets of Malawi.’
    • ‘Bryson makes his way through the British countryside, towns and cities by way of bus, train, or on foot.’
    • ‘The majority of cost increases come by way of contracted pay and benefit hikes.’
    • ‘Well, the Constitution can be changed by the people by way of a referendum.’
    • ‘Agree in advance by way of a contract what you wish them to do and what the charges will be on an hourly basis.’
    • ‘Fans had applied for passes to these gigs by way of a text message and lottery-draw system.’