Meaning of C. diff in English:

C. diff

Pronunciation /ˈsiː ˌdɪf/


  • short for C. difficile

    as modifier ‘the use of certain antibiotics can lead to a higher risk of C. diff infections’
    • ‘The researchers found kids with C. diff were hospitalized on average for six days.’
    • ‘C. diff infects 250,000 Americans each year.’
    • ‘C. diff produces poisons which cause diarrhoea.’
    • ‘Antibiotic-resistant bacteria and C. diff cause some of the most threatening infections.’
    • ‘Virtually all the hospitals had programs to monitor for C. diff infections.’
    • ‘C. diff can form spores that can persist in the hospital environment for weeks.’
    • ‘C. diff infection over the last decade has emerged as a threat to patients.’
    • ‘It's ironic that you get C. diff from taking antibiotics, then you treat it with antibiotics.’
    • ‘C. diff bacteria primarily affect our digestive system.’
    • ‘The study identified 650 outpatients who had been diagnosed with C. diff.’