Meaning of cabbage-tree hat in English:

cabbage-tree hat


historical Australian, New Zealand
  • A wide-brimmed, low-crowned hat woven from the leaves of the cabbage palm.

    ‘he wore the bushman's garb of moleskin trousers, flannel shirt, and cabbage-tree hat’
    • ‘For him, wearing the cabbage tree hat was a gesture.’
    • ‘The cabbage tree hat stands for equality and, of course, he was anti-equality, in the sense that he was an old fashioned conservative.’
    • ‘To this day the cabbage-tree hat is very highly esteemed by the Australians.’
    • ‘The cabbage tree hat was an Indigenous symbol of resistance.’
    • ‘The man is shown wearing a cabbage tree hat, the sole truly Australian head protector.’
    • ‘He was involved in a notable incident involving a cabbage-tree hat.’
    • ‘He was well known for his cabbage tree hat, a popular adornment among outdoorsmen at that time.’
    • ‘He wore casually unbuttoned riding trousers, boots without stockings and a cabbage-tree hat.’
    • ‘The cabbage tree hat was one of the main features of a bullockies' uniform.’
    • ‘He was wearing a brown cabbage tree hat pulled down low over his eyes.’