Meaning of cabbage tree in English:

cabbage tree


  • Any of a number of palmlike trees that resemble a cabbage in some way.

    a New Zealand tree grown for its sugary sap or for ornament (Cordyline australis, family Agavaceae).
    a cabbage palm.

    ‘The false cabbage tree is a tall, straight tree.’
    • ‘I've gone for architectural nikaus and a cabbage tree.’
    • ‘Your roof is patched with rust, tastes bitter as we roll into the plastic gutter and swirl there where the drain's blocked with leaves and a seedling cabbage tree.’
    • ‘He tips the dwarf cabbage tree as a winner because of its exceptional colour, low-growing habit, and flowing flax-like foliage.’
    • ‘It is Christmas day and everyone is singing carols under the cabbage tree.’
    • ‘The kopi were taken there from the mainland, probably by the Moriori who also introduced the cabbage tree.’
    • ‘Give some reasons why this is an appropriate technique for depicting a cabbage tree.’
    • ‘Similar ovens were constructed by the Maori in New Zealand but, although they were called umu ti, the plant baked was a different species, the New Zealand cabbage tree, Cordyline australis.’
    • ‘The 151-hectare resort is very Australian, but not in some laboured ‘throw-another-shrimp’ sense, but in its spaciousness, its bush aromas, the stands of cabbage tree palms, and the alternating silences and ocean sighs.’
    • ‘Zoo staff and school children will help plant baobabs and false cabbage trees, the two chosen trees of the year.’
    • ‘The walk there and back took us through some beautiful bush with huge silver ferns, beach trees, pungas, pohutakawa, cabbage trees and palms.’
    • ‘When cabbage trees erupt, pohutukawa blaze and the first blowfly of summer sings its siren song, count us out.’
    • ‘Settlers walking through the area planted cabbage trees to mark the track.’