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cabbage white

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  • A mainly white butterfly that has caterpillars which are pests of cabbages and related plants.

    Genus Pieris, family Pieridae: several species, in particular the small white (P. rapae) and the large white (P. brassicae)

    ‘Although the caterpillars of some butterflies, like the cabbage white, are considered vegetable garden pests, you should never use pesticides - even biological ones - in a butterfly garden or you'll destroy your intended guests.’
    • ‘The cabbage white and its caterpillars are doing fine and aphids like greenfly are likely to benefit from warming.’
    • ‘The cabbage white butterfly was introduced from Europe.’
    • ‘Tell me, can the cabbage white butterfly really count?’
    • ‘For example, many homeowners had gardens, which contained cabbage, broccoli, and other crops as host plants for cabbage white caterpillars.’
    • ‘Kales need little attention apart from controlling aphids and cabbage white butterfly and will grow well in most garden soils.’
    • ‘Keep cabbages, Brussels sprouts and cauliflowers covered with horticultural fleece or a fine netting to prevent cabbage white butterflies from laying eggs.’
    • ‘If I have an infestation of slugs or snails or cabbage white butterflies then I will get rid of them in whatever way I choose.’
    • ‘Eleven inches above his head a small white cabbage butterfly hung, caught in a beam of sunlight.’
    • ‘Swallowtails, cabbage whites, skippers, and orange sulphurs follow scent trails to the tiny patches of flowers blooming furiously in the middle of the city.’