Meaning of cabbagey in English:



See cabbage

‘The original wild plant, known as wild or sea cabbage, still grows in some coastal areas of Europe, is occasionally gathered and eaten, and has a cabbagy flavour.’
  • ‘The first time I had a Vietnamese fresh roll, it ruined the lugubrious, cabbagy egg roll for me forever.’
  • ‘Down an alley-way comes the breeze, bringing gusts of foetid cabbagy air from the gratings over college kitchens along with its weight of moist droplets and spray.’
  • ‘I was pretty darn full after consuming that plate of cabbagy fishy goodness though, so I wasn't able to take on any of the outrageous looking desserts on the menu.’
  • ‘The Rani platter brings two potato-pea samosas (wrapped pyramid dumplings), four milder pakoras (a little cabbagy, even), and one aloo pattice, an intriguing flat potato dumpling with minty coriander chutney stuffed inside.’