Meaning of cabin boy in English:

cabin boy


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mainly historical
  • A boy employed to wait on a ship's officers or passengers.

    ‘Accordingly, every crew member, from the first mate to the cabin boy, wait tensely, ready to jump and pull and climb at the slightest hint of wind.’
    • ‘I was wondering if there was anyway that I could be employed as a cabin boy of some sort for one of the ships docked here.’
    • ‘At twelve years of age, Verne ran off to be a cabin boy on a merchant ship, thinking he was going to have an adventure.’
    • ‘The captain came by one day and said he needed a strong child to work as a cabin boy on his ship.’
    • ‘As a child he was a cabin boy on his sailor-father's vessels and so became familiar with the sea from an early age.’
    • ‘His schooling in Hue was followed by a period as a cabin boy on a French merchant ship.’
    • ‘Born in Greece and raised in an immigrant hostel, out of Wollongong, Papa had rejected those options by the time he left Port Kembla as a cabin boy.’
    • ‘She follows the young men to New Bedford and disguises herself as a cabin boy on their whaling vessel.’
    • ‘I will send another in your place to retrieve his cabin boy and personal attendant.’
    • ‘I'm just a cabin boy who has been stuck in this place for five hundred years now.’
    • ‘In 1829, while he was at sea serving as a cabin boy, slave catchers pursued his family, apprehending his sister and forcing the rest to scatter.’
    • ‘Opening his cabin door, he called for a cabin boy.’
    • ‘Silvia found it easy to transform herself into a cabin boy.’
    • ‘The cabin boy stared a moment more at her almost angelic face.’
    • ‘He took the dinner from the cabin boy and sat it on the table.’
    • ‘I have enclosed a letter from a cabin boy who requests a small amount of your time to read, and possibly reply to his letter.’
    • ‘He went to sea as a cabin boy and cook at the age of 9, and from 1880 worked as a fisherman in Cornwall.’
    • ‘Wait, when we dock, I won't want to look like some cabin boy.’
    • ‘Full respect must be awarded to cabin boy Brandon who stripped off and ran into the high seas of Japan right up to his neck, winning us the maximum available points for the submersion challenge.’
    • ‘In the second place maritime historiography has recently included women seafarers as subjects of study, for example whaling and naval wives, crossdressed cabin boys and pirates.’