Meaning of cabrio in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkabrɪəʊ/

nounplural noun cabrios

short for cabriolet (sense 1)
‘Fitted with five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission, the cabrio will be priced at £17,495 for the manual and £18,295 for the automatic.’
  • ‘If your lifestyle dictates that two-up in a drop-top is a non-runner, be thankful that two friends can at least sit in the back of the German cabrio for short periods and the car has a commodious saloon-like boot.’
  • ‘On a smooth track the hard-top S4 handles beautifully, and I have no doubt the cabrio would be similarly impressive, but the price you pay for this is too high and not necessary.’
  • ‘With all the folding gear, and the extra strengthening required for a cabrio, the 307 CC and its likes are heavy enough cars, and aren't really for throwing about.’
  • ‘It is an acknowledgment of the arrival of the diesel as a sporty option that we see one in a cabrio.’
  • ‘However, a blistering host of bargain four-seater cabrios - all with folding metal roofs - should now be coming to a dealer near you.’
  • ‘The company uncovers its all-new SLK roadster and the AMG performance version of the hardtop cabrio, as well as a newly restyled C-Class range.’
  • ‘This new car will be engineered from the out set to be built in different variants - such as a cabrio, wagon, and even a 5-door.’
  • ‘The new cabrio will have an additional 100 mm in its wheelbase over the previous model and the body has more than twice the rigidity of the outgoing cabrio model, which has been around for 10 years.’
  • ‘But in the real world the car is a great looking Italian roadster but which feels more like a good four-seater cabrio to drive.’