Meaning of cackle berry in English:

cackle berry


informal Australian, New Zealand
  • A hen's egg.

    • ‘the hens would squawk as she reached under them to grab the cackle berry’
    • ‘Never having seen a cackle-berry, my imagination pictured them as some very luscious wild fruit.’
    • ‘Bright yellow scrambled cackleberries were always available.’
    • ‘Have a cackleberry for breakfast?’
    • ‘If you were a Southern poultry farmer, you'd wake up and carefully collect a dozen warm cackleberries.’
    • ‘He ducked six cents' worth of cackle-berry just in time.’
    • ‘She held out a surreptitious cackle-berry or two with a toothless, shameless grin.’
    • ‘He can tell I wouldn't be a cackle-berry merchant.’
    • ‘He chucked a cackle-berry between two slices of bread.’
    • ‘This is the first cackle-berry of the 1915 vintage, produced by a pullet who first saw the light just 4 months ago.’
    • ‘A chunk of ham and a couple cackle berry. I guess I gobbled up that food.’


Early 20th century from cackle + berry.