Meaning of cacography in English:


Pronunciation /kəˈkɒɡrəfi/

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mass noun archaic
  • Bad handwriting or spelling.

    ‘‘We have a national affliction, and it's called cacography - that means ‘illegible handwriting.’’
    • ‘He blows off his steam with such an eagerness that he forgets for a time, or nearly forgets, his cacography.’
    • ‘And yet, upon careful examination we find a method, a system, in his orthography, or rather in his cacography.’
    • ‘It is amusing to notice his lectures to Jeffrey, on his cacography, which may be attributed to a similar restlessness of mind.’
    illegible handwriting, hurried handwriting, untidy handwriting, squiggle, squiggles, jottings


Late 16th century from Greek kakos ‘bad’, on the pattern of orthography.