Meaning of cafe bar in English:

cafe bar


  • A cafe which also serves alcoholic drinks.

    ‘‘It's a genuine café bar that will also serve good Mediterranean food,’ he says.’
    • ‘The hot weather has also persuaded people to adopt a Mediterranean evening cafe culture of eating outdoors, be it outside a cafe bar, downing pints outside the local pub or hosting barbecues in the garden.’
    • ‘Those conditions include that it can only be used as a café bar, and no other type of eating place or restaurant.’
    • ‘Any drinker, binge or otherwise, can only sit on one stool - or soft lounge sofa in the case of the café bar - so he's not going to drink any more because there happens to be two places beside each other selling the stuff.’
    • ‘A trendy cafe bar which was expected to help rejuvenate historic Little Germany is to shut, with the loss of five jobs, less than two years after it opened.’
    • ‘The length of the riverside could be a covered walkway of shops and a cafe bar or pub similar to the walkways of Liverpool Docks.’
    • ‘A national award could prove the turning point for a Bradford cafe bar which was on the brink of closure in January.’
    • ‘Together with the plush cafe bar pictured above, it's all due for completion later this year.’
    • ‘I could think of worse things happening to it than a cafe bar, but I would love to see it continuing as it is.’
    • ‘There will also be a cafe bar, with the rest of the building used by various community groups.’
    • ‘As for those tarts, Norma says the classy café bar won't be a ‘late night crèche’ for scantily clad youths grasping cheap bottles of fizzy alcoholic pop.’
    • ‘Danny, 17, single-handedly built two kitchens and a café bar at his local community centre in Syke, Rochdale.’
    • ‘Easter came early for children at a Yorkshire hospice - thanks to hundreds of motorcyclists who frequent the same café bar.’
    • ‘The café bar currently calls time at 11 pm, roughly when the venue's nightly gig ends.’
    • ‘If people want a café bar someone will open one; it's about supply and demand.’
    • ‘Further facilities include a cafe bar with views over the ski slope and a Chinese restaurant.’
    • ‘The club is set over three levels; the ground floor is a café bar by day, and a wine bar at night.’
    • ‘That sort of behaviour would be unacceptable in my café bar.’
    • ‘The four storey over basement bar has recently been renovated, and is now a modern cafe bar laid out over three levels.’
    • ‘A jukebox close by the café bar was playing a jazzy theme from a hit TV show series.’