Meaning of Cain in English:


Pronunciation /keɪn/

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proper noun

  • (in the Bible) the eldest son of Adam and Eve and murderer of his brother Abel.


    raise Cain
    • Create trouble or a commotion.

      • ‘he was raising Cain with narrow-minded conservation groups’
      • ‘Well, here comes a man up and raising Cain and the other volunteer told him they were out in the trash.’
      • ‘You don't realize anything, how much you've changed or how it raises Cain every time you smile.’
      • ‘The residents raised Cain about the police and said they didn't want to lose their identity.’
      • ‘In fact, on the day the Bill was introduced in Parliament, people from all over the country gathered in Delhi and raised Cain.’
      • ‘I was all set to tell him that I wasn't Jordan when he gave me a huge hug and started running off at how long it had been and how he missed me running all around the building raising Cain.’
      • ‘The object was to place a short, light, silenced bolt-action carbine in the hands of the British special operations troops who were probing and raising Cain up and down the French coast in advance of the Allied landings.’
      • ‘If Pete can't be like Dick, then he must be a wild-eyed guy who's always raising Cain on and off the lanes.’
      • ‘Maybe it's a constructive way of raising Cain in the community.’
      • ‘To the rescue comes the a massive refrain - synths blaring, vocals straining, and drums raising Cain.’
      • ‘As Freud rightly taught, it takes only three parties - a man, a woman and a child - to create the conditions for enmity in the world, and the introduction of a fourth, as scripture tells us, raises Cain.’