Meaning of cakes and ale in English:

cakes and ale


  • Lively enjoyment.

    ‘the gardener's life, as a rule, is not all ‘cakes and ale’’
    • ‘And once the world is made virtuous, will there be no more cakes and ale?’
    • ‘The successful physician starves the first ten years, lives on bread and butter the second, and may have cakes and ale the third decade.’
    • ‘This is the worst kind of destructive attitude - denying other people cakes and ale because you've never enjoyed them yourself.’
    • ‘Britain once had its days of cakes and ale, and a week which began with a day off.’
    • ‘Traditionally celebrated after the main crop had been harvested, Harvest Home was, according to one historian, an annual event characterized by cakes and ale and hang the cost.’


    From Shakespeare's Twelfth Night II. 3. 1.