Meaning of cakey in English:



See cake

‘Viv and Sarah had a chocolate cakey thing which had the most lovely chocolate sauce, all rich and bitter, but the whole thing was very very rich, even for someone as chocolate pudding obsessed as myself.’
  • ‘On birthdays, one of us would bake a cake (usually carrot or chocolate), and when the slabs of sweetness went around the gathering on paper napkins, a bass voice would pipe from the corner ‘No thanks, I'm not really a cakey kind of person’.’
  • ‘And of course, mint tea and sticky cakey things.’
  • ‘The candied orange and lemon peel infused a pleasantly marmalade-like flavour to counteract the sweetness of this light, eggy, cakey, sweet bread.’
  • ‘Fans of strong flavours will love this tasty dessert, which I found it to be quite cakey and gooey.’
  • ‘We do like Basilico, which delivers crisp, authentic tasting, stone-oven pizzas that try to get as far as possible from the stringy, chewy, cakey pizzas that most delivery services are keen to supply.’
  • ‘Oh yeah, I forgot: latter-day bohemians, or classic-alternative young people like to have their cakey world and laugh at it too.’
  • ‘It also has the same magical effect when it's all thrown together in not-very-fussy layers and left alone for a few hours, in that it goes all cakey, soft and creamy, seeming to swell as the flavours roll and ripen.’
  • ‘Bake for 45 mins, or until the topping is golden and cakey.’
  • ‘The outside was cakey and crunchy, sort of like bread, so I guess they were partly Grain.’
  • ‘The tiramisu was of the cakey variety, and it seemed quite scrumptious though none of us could take more than a few bites of it.’
  • ‘It's a bit cakey and sweet, but there are some good, real herb flavours coming through.’
  • ‘That night, there was no drama and there were no riots, and instead there were gin and tonics and ginger-molasses cookies - dark and spicy, cakey and buttery, with a crisp, sugar-coated edge.’
  • ‘I think the main difference was that the Petit Gâteau, being Petit and individual, included slightly more cakey edges: mine was a big cake cut into squares, which necessarily changes the texture somewhat.’
  • ‘Although references I've found describe it as a sweet yeast bread, just a bit denser than panettone, Peter's version is more cakey than yeasty, a texture reminiscent of biscotti, but moister.’
  • ‘I think I've made it amply clear that I go weak in the knees before any number of things sweet, jammy, fruity, nutty, buttery, crunchy, cakey, creamy, or frozen.’
  • ‘We would also have wished for more textural contrast in the Yu: it was wonderfully moussey and aerial, but my palate was hoping for something cakey or crunchy to round it out.’
  • ‘They're fresher, less cakey, lighter and closer to what donuts were intended to be when Mr. Donut Inventor invented them.’
  • ‘There's plenty of yellow, sweet, and cakey stuff to go around.’
  • ‘It was a warm cream vanilla sauce over a cakey puddingy mound.’