Meaning of Calabrian in English:


Pronunciation /kəˈlabrɪən/


  • Relating to or characteristic of the Italian region of Calabria.

    ‘the Calabrian coast of southern Italy’
    • ‘In addition, sauteed long green chiles are often served in Apulian and Calabrian restaurants as a side dish.’
    • ‘Oyster owners and their guests enjoyed a fabulous cocktail party and supper with an Italian flavour, echoing the owners' Calabrian roots.’
    • ‘A tomato-based stew was spiked with Calabrian chile and studded with clams, mussels and calamari.’
    • ‘He is very well respected within the Calabrian community and is regarded as being the leader of the organisation.’
    • ‘Tony's homemade wine has the aroma of good wine whereas the commercially produced Calabrian wine does not.’
    • ‘Laura, whose grandmother was Calabrian, is slightly darker than Giacomo.’


  • A native or inhabitant of the Italian region of Calabria.

    ‘the Calabrian was spotted by a scout while playing football with some friends’
    • ‘Ruffo was a Calabrian who had served in the papal curia but had found more favour at the Neapolitan court.’
    • ‘There was Sammy, the Calabrian straight from central casting.’
    • ‘Venetians speak a totally different language from Calabrians.’
    • ‘Within the shelter of palm leaves, Calabrians gave annual thanks for a good harvest and celebrated by eating seasonal fruits such as dates.’
    • ‘There are many Italians here, above all Sicilians and Calabrians, like my father and mother.’
    • ‘The wood-burning oven turns out great pizzas, of which the best is "Capocollo," draped with the spicy neck-meat ham beloved of Calabrians.’