Meaning of calamari in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkaləˈmɑːri/


(also calamares)
  • Squid served as food.

    ‘The food is an exotic mix of tapas and dim sum, so you eat chorizo and calamari one minute, spring rolls and satay the next.’
    • ‘Nico's is really only a notch up from cheap and cheerful, but does deliver some great Italian staple dishes such as minestrone, calamari and spaghetti Bolognese.’
    • ‘We thanked him again, and then we proceeded to order an appetizer of fried calamari, a Caesar salad that we could split and our meals.’
    • ‘We ordered the calamari served with chilli mayonnaise and a wedge of lemon, which was so good that I ordered another portion.’
    • ‘Grilled calamari are skewered like shish kebabs, with densely flavorful cherry tomatoes.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, my dinner date didn't eat fish or seafood, so the garlic shrimp, rice and seafood croquettes, fried calamari and sardines all had to go unsampled.’
    • ‘A list of tapas includes garlic shrimp or mushrooms, rice and seafood croquettes, fried calamari and sardines.’
    • ‘The buffet is packed with stuff like sirloin, pork, shrimp, calamari, chicken, andouille and smoked sausage, as well as hamburger and hot dogs.’
    • ‘A big steak, calamari, or tofu could provide the amino acids and experience could provide the understanding of when to stop.’
    • ‘Nada prepared great garlicky fish steaks, cuttlefish pasta, seafood risotto, grilled mullet, calamares and creamy fish pâté. Everything was caught from the waters surrounding the lighthouse and served with fresh vegetables.’
    • ‘Across the table it was a case of menu envy, as calamari was served tossed in salad, with salt and pepper dressing.’
    • ‘Half my guests don't eat meat and are more than happy to devour black empanaditas filled with calamari plied with saffron and squid ink.’
    • ‘The fried calamari, served with garlic mayo, were lightly breaded, nice and peppery but a little too salty.’
    • ‘The calamari, grilled and served with a mango salsa, were delicate and tasty instead of the greasy breaded offerings you often get at other places.’
    • ‘I had the calamari served with a spicy tomato sauce for €8.’
    • ‘Every few days I would go to the beach and spend hours on end surfing and getting tanned and going to the seafood shop and buying calamari and oysters and clams to eat.’
    • ‘The calamari, aka baby squid, were fresh and perfectly cooked, leaving me without the familiar and unpleasant sensation of biting into a tire.’
    • ‘Though the calamari was served with a nicely spicy dipping sauce, the squid rings themselves were dry and chewy and generally unappealing.’
    • ‘The shop is well stocked with variety of fish and seafood products including processed seafood, from calamari to haddock and prawns.’
    • ‘Mackerel tipped with a big strip of squid works well, as will a whole small calamari squid.’
    • ‘I had the mussels in the coconut laksa, Mara had the calamari salad.’
    • ‘The grilled calamari was much better, although our waiter forgot the crucial lemon wedge and had to go elbowing back through the crowd to retrieve it.’
    • ‘Sure enough, at nine o'clock sharp, a man who looked very much like a fisherman walked in bearing assorted calamari, shellfish and prawns on a large plastic tray.’
    • ‘Crunchy and greaseless calamari are dunked in a lime-miso sauce that could be used throughout the meal.’
    • ‘Octopus and calamari become lush and pliant when grilled and tossed with tender hearts of palm and chickpeas.’


Italian, plural of calamaro, from medieval Latin calamarium ‘pen case’, from Greek kalamos ‘pen’ (with reference to the squid's long tapering internal shell and its ink). The variant calamares is Spanish.