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call for

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phrasal verb

  • 1call for somethingMake something necessary.

    ‘desperate times call for desperate measures’
    • ‘It does not necessarily call for a large investment to implement it.’
    • ‘Where safety calls for drastic measures such as bollards to be installed, then fixed bollards should be the method used.’
    • ‘Desperate times such as these call for the celebration of small victories such as this.’
    • ‘It calls for tough and focussed decisions and no soft and vague measures.’
    • ‘This is a sensitive area which I must draw to your attention and feel it calls for some action before it causes more distress.’
    • ‘This condition calls for urgent medical attention at any time of the day or night.’
    • ‘I think a sense of proportion is called for here.’
    • ‘The production schedule would call for filming a total of 100 episodes in just two years.’
    • ‘FBI policy calls for an investigation whenever an agent fires a weapon.’
    • ‘The alleged plan called for the two men to pretend that he was a hostage.’
    require, need, necessitate, make necessary, demand
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  • 2call for somethingPublicly ask for or demand something.

    ‘the report calls for an audit of endangered species’
    • ‘The report calls for a dramatic restructuring of how aid is allotted in the region.’
    • ‘The report also called for more research on fluoride and the implications for child health.’
    • ‘It calls for the National Audit Office to conduct an urgent scrutiny of the value for money tests.’
    • ‘The basic issues were all spelled out, even before the Security Council resolution calling for a land-for-peace settlement.’
    • ‘Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch issued separate statements calling for more government action to protect lives.’
    • ‘They also pointed out that they had been calling for a bipartisan conference for months.’
    • ‘The President called for $10 million to be spent on researching violent media as well as its correlation to gun violence.’
    • ‘The US way is to call for stricter laws, harsher conditions and longer sentences.’
    • ‘Councilman Kenney, among others, called for a review of the city's demolition application and inspection process.’
    • ‘The companies also called for more transparency and for limits on surveillance.’
    require, need, necessitate, make necessary, demand
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  • 3call for someoneBritish Stop to collect someone at the place where they are living or working.

    ‘I'll call for you around seven’
    • ‘I will call for you tonight at 6.30.’
    • ‘She was discovered by a neighbour who called for her on the way to Sunday Mass.’
    • ‘He had a friend call for him at his office and together they walked to the coffee house.’
    • ‘When her friends knocked at the door to call for her, her mum became frantic with worry.’
    • ‘I called for you so we could meet the man that Karl referred to as his friend.’
    • ‘A car would call for her at four o'clock on Friday.’
    • ‘I will call for you at three.’
    • ‘A new house and a new friend: he called for me and said he would show me around.’
    • ‘He called for me at my hotel and took me to the beach after dawn next morning.’
    pick up, collect, fetch, come to get, go to get, come for
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  • 4call for somethingNorth American Predict or describe the likely weather conditions for a period of time in the future.

    ‘the forecast is calling for more rain’
    • ‘they're calling for temperatures in the 80s for the rest of the week’
    • ‘Egads … the weather forecast for Friday is calling for snow.’
    • ‘They're calling for a wintry mix, which should be just lovely!’
    • ‘The weather in Banff unexpectedly changed to warm, but the forecast is calling for cold and snow for the weekend.’
    • ‘They are calling for 6-12 inches total by tomorrow morning in the far northern Chicago suburbs.’
    • ‘After a few weeks, with the weather outlook not calling for any snow for the foreseeable future, I went ahead and swapped back to the summer tires.’
    • ‘They're calling for a high of 43 in Park City and 50 in Salt Lake.’
    • ‘Here in Chicago, they are calling for some cold temperatures and snow for the next two days, all of which has me making plans to stay inside all weekend long.’
    • ‘Although the weather forecast called for rain, the weather was great throughout the whole race.’
    • ‘The forecast called for more rain through the day Sunday, which could hamper rescuers trying to reach all of the far-flung areas that have been affected.’
    • ‘Weather forecasts called for heavy rains July 12 in Indianapolis, thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Dennis.’
    • ‘Forecasters are calling for a storm surge of between 6 and 14 feet for Eleuthera and Grand Bahama Islands.’