Meaning of call to action in English:

call to action

nounplural noun calls to action

  • 1An exhortation or stimulus to do something in order to achieve an aim or deal with a problem.

    ‘he ended his speech with a call to action’
    • ‘the finding should be a call to action for business owners to thoroughly review their security practices’
    • ‘The group is reaching out to doctors with a call to action that urges them to educate their patients about heart attack warning signs and the need to act fast.’
    • ‘More than 12 million people in that region are in desperate need of food, and there is a special community here in the U.S. that is seizing this human catastrophe as a call to action.’
    • ‘We took the report as a call to action, rather than a criticism and decided to look at what could be done to improve the situation.’
    • ‘We wanted to have a name that could be a message of hope as well as a call to action.’
    • ‘That twist in the gut should be a call to action.’
    • ‘She addresses parents across America in a very emotional call to action.’
    • ‘Her writing is both intensely indignant and a powerful call to action.’
    • ‘In his lively keynote address, he sounded the call to action.’
    • ‘This call to action requires a fundamental shift in the work environments of this country and challenges:’
    • ‘If you want to protest the meetings, then heed this call to action.’
    1. 1.1Marketing (in advertising material) a piece of content intended to induce a viewer, reader, or listener to perform a specific act, typically taking the form of an instruction or directive (e.g. buy now or click here)
      ‘all spam has some call to action that typically urges the user to visit a website’
      • ‘do not forget to emphasize the call to action’
      • ‘a large call-to-action button that is clearly designed to be clicked’
      • ‘The arrival of the catalogue stimulates internet sales by providing a "call to action".’
      • ‘They'll know how to best pitch the offer, which, when combined with effective copywriting and calls to action, should increase engagement.’
      • ‘Your web site should provide clear calls to action and conversion paths for your visitors to follow.’
      • ‘Run a little test, and see whether people respond better if you've got recipes, or free shipping, or what the different calls to action are for those more generic terms.’
      • ‘Using persuasion is more than just adding in links, changing some category labels, and rewriting calls to action.’
      • ‘A call to action will not happen if the sales landing page is not relevant to that which the shopper thought he or she was going to enter.’
      • ‘It is important that these trust icons, which can vary from Visa logos, to industry awards, are as close to your call-to-action buttons as possible.’
      • ‘The body of the email does not contain any call-to-action links.’
      • ‘Do all your ads have too much flashy bling-bling or do you go the extra mile and give your affiliate lots of choices between static, tastefully animated, and compelling call-to-action text links?’
      • ‘Avoid call-to-action verbs such as "buy", "save", and "get" in subject lines.’
      • ‘Retailers who used mobile as a call-to-action within their promotional activity now appear to be using it across more channels.’
      • ‘Ensure your site has a clear call to action that will help you measure actual buyer interest.’
      • ‘To be successful, the email must contain a very clear call to action.’
      • ‘The meta description is the summary that describes your website and should provide a compelling call to action to for any potential customers.’
      • ‘Don't give the viewer the option to go anywhere else but to a form, buy button, or call to action.’
      • ‘Take the time to ensure your web site incorporates quality graphics, good sales copy, and a strong call to action.’
      • ‘The language and design of the call to action is important.’
      • ‘Visual cues can also bring attention to the call to action.’