Meaning of callisthenic in English:



See callisthenics

‘As I have just noted, most nineteenth-century writers who espoused gymnastics for women approved of calisthenic exercises, several of which are recognizable today.’
  • ‘While waiting for rescue and to assist in warming yourself, attempt to stretch and do small, controlled callisthenic movements, such as waving your arms or twisting your torso.’
  • ‘Bouts of moderate intensity on the elliptical machine interspersed with short periods of high-intensity calisthenic exercises, like jumping jacks and push-ups.’
  • ‘Dozens of young troops in military fatigues marched in formation and conducted a series of calisthenic drills and martial-arts exercises at an abandoned dirt lot.’
  • ‘As if the machines aren't enough, large spaces are set aside for the most recent calisthenic fad.’