Meaning of camarilla in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkaməˈrɪl(j)ə/

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  • A small group of people, especially a group of advisers to a ruler or politician, with a shared purpose.

    • ‘a military camarilla that has lost any sense of political reality’
    • ‘They would never have confided such a mission to someone who spends his free time suing film stars and having himself idolised by a camarilla of cameramen.’
    • ‘This latest scheme to concoct a pretext for war is a devastating self-exposure of the war camarilla.’
    • ‘Was their eight-year struggle - which saw hundreds of lives lost and even more placed in peril - a justifiable good, or the wanton acts of a criminal camarilla?’
    • ‘The camarilla set out deliberately to disrupt these cadres, one by one, in one country after another.’
    • ‘The headstrong Queen Isabella and court camarilla were eager to revert to absolute government, impressed by the example set in France by Louis-Napoleon.’
    coterie, circle, inner circle, crowd, in-crowd, set, group


Mid 19th century from Spanish, diminutive of camara ‘chamber’.