Meaning of camel case in English:

camel case

Pronunciation /ˈkam(ə)l keɪs/


(also camelCase)
mass noun
  • A typographical convention in which an initial capital is used for the first letter of a word forming the second element of a closed compound, e.g. iPhone, eBay, PayPal.

    ‘I never noticed that the proper style of the site name used CamelCase.’
    • ‘Things like CamelCase, also known as medial capitals, have probably emerged because of text messaging.’
    • ‘The Scala convention is to use camel case for constants.’
    • ‘CamelCase is the original wiki convention for creating hyperlinks.’
    • ‘Camel Case allows the first letter to be either upper or lower case, as in “LaBelle” or “iPod”, and each new word to be capitalized without a space.’
    • ‘Separate name parts by using camel case and NOT underscores or spaces.’
    • ‘I also needed to create cleaned-up names for these columns, dropping off a suffix and splitting the camel case into separate words.’
    • ‘Note as a trademark it is spelled in CamelCase.’


1990s from the supposed resemblance of the visual effect to the hump or humps of a camel's back.