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Pronunciation /ˌkansəˈleɪʃ(ə)n/

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(also US cancelation)
mass noun
  • 1The action of cancelling something.

    ‘the project was threatened with cancellation’
    • ‘the show is sold out, but check for cancellations’
    • ‘Prizes described above are subject to alteration and cancellation at short notice.’
    • ‘However, this did not stop the bank from imposing a $100 cancellation fee.’
    • ‘Getting out of those contracts now means having to pay cancellation fees.’
    • ‘Perishable goods or items which have been made to your specifications are not subject to cancellation rights’
    • ‘And there'll be no fee for this cancellation, of course.’
    • ‘Also, make enquiries about fees for cancellation or changing dates for the trip, in case any such need arises.’
    • ‘Airlines waived some cancellation fees and issued vouchers for future flights to passengers who wanted to stay home.’
    • ‘A Yorkshire-based national art exhibition threatened with cancellation in its 25th year is to go ahead on Saturday.’
    • ‘He stressed that patients had been advised beforehand that their ops could be subject to cancellation at this time of year and asked to ring in to check they were going ahead.’
    • ‘Accounts found hosting this material will be subject to immediate cancellation without refund.’
    • ‘The fee cancellation could take effect as early as next January.’
    • ‘Technically all the consumer needs to do in order to claim their cash is to send notice of cancellation.’
    • ‘The notice period for cancellation by insurers should not be less than 30 days to provide enough time to a policyholder in organising cover from alternative sources.’
    • ‘More worrisome is the notion that our civil liberties are subject to cancellation in times of crisis.’
    • ‘The British Grand Prix was threatened with cancellation by the International Automobile Federation last year as a result of traffic chaos.’
    • ‘Repeatedly over the past five years the mission was threatened with cancellation.’
    • ‘Artists' fees and the costs and expenses in the event of cancellation were also covered.’
    • ‘A royal endorsement is a timely boost to this major event as organisers seek to erase the bad memories of last year's cancellation due to foot-and-mouth disease.’
    • ‘A traditional Christmas meal organised by the Salvation Army is under threat of cancellation this year.’
    • ‘The departure screens show cancellation after cancellation, delay after delay.’
    cancellation, revocation, rescindment, reversal, abrogation, retraction, invalidation, nullification
    1. 1.1count noun A crossing out of something written.
      • ‘all cancellations on documents must be made indelibly’
      eradication, erasing, erasure, effacing, rubbing out, blotting out, wiping out, removal, expunging, effacement, blanking out, blocking out, deletion, striking out, cancellation, crossing out, inking out, scoring out
    2. 1.2count noun A mark made on a postage stamp to show that it has been used.
      ‘covers showing stamps and special cancellations’
      • ‘It's then sent through our inkjets and given a cancellation mark over the stamps.’
      • ‘At first the Post Office applied a red cancellation mark to the new Penny Black stamps on envelopes, but it readily washed off.’
      • ‘Likewise, abstract designs derived from dry reeds, postage cancellations, typography, wire fences, waves and seagulls fill the spiral form of Snail Maze.’
      • ‘The cancellation on the stamp is basic, including no post office information or date that I could use to trace the letter.’
      • ‘Postal cancellations, like collectors' chops on traditional Chinese paintings, may appear independent of their stamps.’
      • ‘James made numerous books with pages of facsimile postcards, replete with colored stamps and cancellation marks.’
    3. 1.3Law The annulling of a legal document.
      ‘the debtor can procure cancellation if satisfied within one month’
      • ‘There is no written documentation of Troge's cancellation of the contract.’
      • ‘What resulted in the cancellation of the contracts was the inability/failure of Latreefers to pay the keel laying instalments when they fell due and the Yard's cancellation of the contracts thereafter.’
      • ‘In Mr Godfrey's opinion Clause 8 does not deal with cancellation but more appropriately deals with disclosures and waivers of rights.’
      • ‘The Applicant appealed to the Care Standards Tribunal against that cancellation on 24th February 2003.’
      • ‘Mr de Bono submits that it was unlawful of the Commission to have refused cancellation of registration on the basis that some of the service users lacked capacity.’