Meaning of candour in English:


(US candor)


mass noun
  • The quality of being open and honest; frankness.

    ‘a man of refreshing candour’
    • ‘His charm, passion, and candor are very refreshing in this age of flash and hype.’
    • ‘That Howard is prepared, with considerable candour, to commit this part of his life to print says much for the man.’
    • ‘Only an entirely new generation can bring honesty and candour to this matter.’
    • ‘Through all the hardship, Dunne's humour and candour keeps the book bowling along.’
    • ‘Unlike most of her neighbours, O'Brien was prepared to speak with a degree of candour.’
    • ‘Why can't we get candor and directness in what is patently obvious to anyone?’
    • ‘And he is being made to pay for that honesty and candor now that his statements are being twisted.’
    • ‘He recognized the impact of fear, danger, confusion, and fatigue on men in battle, and wrote about them with unusual candour.’
    • ‘But Angela was very open and talks about what happened with great candour.’
    • ‘A human being, but a professional, he answers questions with generosity, intelligence and candour.’
    • ‘Although the story is told more from a male viewpoint, it is related with candour and deep sensitivity.’
    • ‘Many thanks for taking the trouble to reply again; we very much appreciate your sincerity and candour.’
    • ‘Far be it from me to expect forthright candor from a press release.’
    • ‘He was known for his kindness, his candor, and his dislike of hypocrisy.’
    • ‘After talking with Shaq, I came away as impressed with his character and candor as I was with his game.’
    • ‘I appreciated the student's candor in honestly evaluating these new techniques.’
    • ‘This stark honesty and candor serves to highlight the absence of emotional detail elsewhere.’
    • ‘You'll be surprised how quickly you can diffuse a volatile situation with honesty and candor.’
    • ‘Now he was able to write with tremendous candor and integrity and to free himself from his past.’
    • ‘There is no bar on her honesty, she is extremely frank, although her candour tends to be clouded by a vagueness of expression.’
    frankness, openness, honesty, candidness, truthfulness, sincerity, forthrightness, directness, lack of restraint, straightforwardness, plain-spokenness, plain dealing, plainness, calling a spade a spade, unreservedness, bluffness, bluntness, outspokenness
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Late Middle English (in the Latin sense): from Latin candor ‘whiteness’. The current sense dates from the mid 18th century; the development of the senses paralleled that of candid.