Meaning of candy apple in English:

candy apple


  • 1North American An apple coated with a thin layer of cooked sugar or caramel and fixed on a stick; a toffee apple.

    • ‘He took out a candy apple and gave it to Zaria.’
    • ‘The vocals smack of sweetness and light while the guitars as are as crunchy as a candy apple.’
    • ‘It's so good, just like the candy apples at the fair, except with caramel.’
    • ‘We can sit and eat candy apples all day long and maybe we can even play ‘tag’ like old times.’
    • ‘Nothing is worse than pulling a hamstring before you get to old Mrs. Daniel's candy apples.’
    • ‘Architects known as Blobmeisters create buildings that look like enormous lopsided candy apples (for instance, the Experience Music Project in Seattle).’
    1. 1.1mass noun A bright red colour.
      • ‘I was searching, fruitlessly, for a VW bus that didn't smell like pot or conk out on the test drive, when I happened upon an incredible, candy-apple red Karmann Ghia.’
      • ‘Pippen's candy-apple red Nikes were so ugly even usually mild-mannered David Robinson winced and asked, ‘When are you going to take those things off?’’
      • ‘There was Haran, in a brand new, candy-apple red Corvett.’
      • ‘She picked up the toothpick between two long, candy-apple red nails, and bought it to her equally red lips, then parted them slowly, passing the olive into her mouth, closing her lips around the olive and the toothpick.’
      • ‘Next I bought a candy-apple red, 1968 GT - 500 with a 428 Cobra Jet engine.’
      • ‘I remembered the day when mom and dad bought him a brand new car for his graduation - a candy-apple red convertible that I remembered hearing them planning to buy.’
      • ‘Yesterday we received delivery of our new van, a spiffy little candy apple red number by Honda.’
      • ‘She was the girl that had to carry Buckeye's saddle to the stall yesterday, unless there was another strawberry blonde girl with candy apple red fingernails working for me.’
      • ‘Design chief Trevor Creed assures us that ‘if’ the Nitro reaches production, the production model will be just like the concept - except for the five coats of hand-rubbed candy apple red metallic paint.’
      • ‘It was sleek, low to the ground, and a bright candy apple red.’
      • ‘Her whole demeanor had changed as soon as she had driven off her in her candy apple red BMW convertible.’
      • ‘It's a candy apple red thermos, a Starbucks product bought last year during an after Christmas sale.’
      • ‘He yelled as he jogged gingerly toward his candy apple red Mirage.’
      • ‘From the outside, it looked like the 1992 candy apple red, special edition Ferrarri GT2 + 2 it was.’
      • ‘The perfect day begins: hopping into your candy apple red convertible Mustang GT - top down of course - you begin the gorgeous drive to the perfect beach as warm air whips your hair into a frenzy.’
      • ‘She was so glad that they were in that position, otherwise he would've seen her candy apple red face and would've had a hint of what she had unconsciously said.’


candy apple