Meaning of candyfloss in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkandɪflɒs/

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mass noun
  • 1British An item of sweet food in the form of a mass of pink or white fluffy spun sugar wrapped round a stick.

    North American term cotton candy

    ‘a fat baby was pushing candyfloss into its chubby face’
    • ‘a round pink face topped by white candyfloss hair’
    • ‘Stalls selling tasty hot dogs, burgers, chips, lollipops and candyfloss ensured everyone had the chance to tuck into their favourite food on the night.’
    • ‘Even with a reduced number of stalls, visitors were offered a varied selection of goods, ranging from walking sticks to photograph albums, and candyfloss to doughnuts.’
    • ‘Strolling vendors sold felt hats, plastic balls, ice cream and candyfloss.’
    • ‘Professional caterers will be present providing food, tea, coffee and soft drinks for hungry punters and there will be candyfloss and ice-cream for the children.’
    • ‘There were also fun fair treats and games, such as candyfloss and a coconut shy.’
    • ‘Twinkly lights festooned the rides and side-stalls, the smell of hot dogs, popcorn and candyfloss permeated the air and best of all, they had all the old rides with hurdy-gurdies and barrel organs!’
    • ‘Not long after the opening I was flying to Johannesburg over an endless field of candyfloss clouds, so brilliantly lit that the view hurt my eyes.’
    • ‘I felt like a gluttonous schoolboy, who had overdosed on candyfloss - that is to say, absolutely sick!’
    • ‘By the time the circus packs ups its tent and moves on, patrons will have consumed about three tons of popcorn and 7 000 bags of candyfloss.’
    • ‘Vicky said it tasted of candyfloss, but there was also a sharpness that reminded me of the mouth-lacerating ‘Rhubarb and Custard’ penny chews from when I was little.’
    • ‘The street will be packed with attractions and entertainment including a raffle, live bands, balloon race, hook-a-duck, candyfloss, face painting and hoopla.’
    • ‘I am sure that I am not the only person who would love to see the old style market and hear all the music playing, chattering from children, stall holders yelling their wares and the smell of hot dogs and candyfloss.’
    • ‘Waiting there were white-knuckle rides, bouncy castles, and stalls selling mouth-watering treats such as chips, candyfloss and sweets.’
    • ‘But, unlike the old circus shows with their clowns and candyfloss, this performance is governed by a sophisticated theatrical sensibility.’
    • ‘Youngsters tucked into tasty fish and chips and candyfloss at the water's edge while others enjoyed some white-knuckle fun on the fairground rides.’
    • ‘Underneath a towering Ferris wheel, stalls were selling tasty treats including spicy samosas, candyfloss, and sweets.’
    • ‘Others perused stalls selling railway memorabilia to the sounds of piped organ music from the fair ground, or enjoyed a burger and candyfloss.’
    • ‘A favourite with day-trippers, the small town is crammed with glittering gift shops, candyfloss and tourists.’
    • ‘The seats were wooden hard and the air filled with the smell of sawdust and candyfloss.’
    • ‘We had agreed on a set amount of money for each child for such things as candyfloss and fair rides.’
    trivia, trifles, irrelevancies, nonsense, trash, pap
    1. 1.1Something perceived as lacking in worth or substance.
      ‘their music is just aural candyfloss’
      • ‘But unfortunately the overall effect is that of musical candyfloss: it's sickly sweet when you're chewing on it, but there's no real sense of satisfaction afterwards.’
      • ‘You will never pick up any of the important ideas from these suppliers of corporate candyfloss.’
      • ‘Nor is it disposable theatrical candyfloss for a summer's evening.’
      • ‘This album is full of several frothy numbers but the one which is pure candy floss is the first one.’
      • ‘This is the kind of cinema which everyone can appreciate simply because it offers something very different from the usual candy floss churned out ninety percent of the time.’
      trivia, pulp, pulp fiction, trash, nonsense, froth