Meaning of cannae in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkanə/


(also canna)
Scottish form of can't
‘if you love something, you cannae stop doing it’
  • ‘I canna help it’
  • ‘That canna be the first question you have for me!’
  • ‘I canna change the Laws of Physics!’
  • ‘Oh, you canna call me that any more, dear.’
  • ‘We canna tell them ourselves, that's for sure because they wouldnae believe it.’
  • ‘"Ah just canna find where the bleeders got in," he grunted.’
  • ‘I canna go any further.’
  • ‘To tell you the truth I cannae remember why we split up.’
  • ‘We just cannae take much more of this!’
  • ‘I cannae go home till it's finished.’
  • ‘Since ye cannae hunt nae more north of the border, something's got to eat these beasties.’