Meaning of cantillation in English:




See cantillate

  • ‘But it also recalls Ashkenazic Torah cantillation.’
  • ‘Little is known of the music of ancient times, though some elements are preserved in the traditional cantillation of the Torah and the older nusach, or forms of reading, for some of the prayers.’
  • ‘The religious Fourth Symphony synchretizes Gregorian and Orthodox chants, Lutheran chorales, and Jewish cantillation.’
  • ‘We checked my book of Jewish folklore, which shows that the traditional cantillation tune for both the Torah and Haftorah is in B flat.’
  • ‘Golijov's writing for this part is loud and high: in his review of the Tanglewood premiere, Alex Ross compared the vocal writing for this part to a muezzin's cantillation, which is exactly how I would have described it.’